Zeke Z. Rowe

First Appearance:

February 6th, 1979

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Rick Fletcher

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles Vol. 2

Zeke Z. Rowe was an unscrupulous fellow with a poor financial background. Because of a computer glitch, his financial records were switched with those of Zachary Z. Rowe (no relation). Zeke took advantage of this windfall and was able to land a new job at a large business due his background being replaced with the other Z.Z. Rowe's. Zachary tracked down Zeke and confronted him, but Zeke was unapologetic.

Later, Zachary became unhinged and adopted the guise of the "Computer Killer". During his showdown with Dwight Digit at the First National Bank, Zachary assumed that Dwight was Zeke, attempting to steal his identity once again.

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