Yogee Yamma

First Appearance:

July 14th, 1940

Known Relatives:

Mrs. Yamma, Wife

Appearance of Death:

September 14th, 1940

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 6

Yogee Yamma was a confidence trickster who claimed to be a mystic. He was missing his left eye (which he left unovered), and had dark hair and a beard.

Yamma was wanted in Illinois, Florida and New York on fraud and confidence charges. He also used the alias "Malor Moan". At some point, had served a two-year prison sentence in Leavenworth.

Encountering Dick TracyEdit

With his wife's aid, Yamma operated petty confidence tricks, including stealing from people during fortune-telling sessions. He would also use a mind-controlling gas to make people give him large sums of money.

Yogee’s scheme was discovered and his wife was captured by police while they were attempting to flee Dick Tracy's city. Yogee was able to escape by using his gas on Dick Tracy. Mrs. Yamma turned against her husband and gave Tracy clues as to where Yogee’s underground laboratory was. Tracy found the laboratory where Yogee
Dick Tracy and Yogee Yamma

Yogee on the book cover

was keeping the chained Professor Roloc Bard, who had been forced to create the gas.

Tracy ambushed Yogee, but he escaped and flooded the hideout. Celebrating his escape with alcohol, Yogee accidentally killed himself when he set fire to his hidden supply of the unstable (and flammable) mind-control gas.


  • Yamma was described by several characters as "Hindu" or "Hindu-looking". However, Hindu is a religion, not an ethnicity. It is possible that Yamma was ethnically Indian, Pakistani, or from some other East Asian country.
  • It was unclear if Yamma had used his mind-control drug on his wife to influence her to marry him. If he had, their marriage would be of questionable legitimacy.

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