Whipp Sadiss
Whipp Sadiss (left), with Stud Bronzen

First Appearance:

February 14th, 1938

Known Relatives:

Pigface Sadiss, Brother (deceased)

Known Associates:

Stud Bronzen (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 5

Whipp Sadiss was a member of Stud Bronzen's crew of human traffickers. He wore round eyeglasses and had a thick, unkempt beard.

Whipp was Bronzen's second-in-command on the fast ship that Bronzen was assigned to captain. Whipp joined Bronzen in his abuse of the Chinese immigrants that they were smuggling, but Whipp disapproved of Bronzen's recklessness and drinking. When the drunk Bronzen took control of the ship's wheel and rammed a rowboat (presumably killing the occupants), Whipp struck Bronzen in the head with a pipe, knocking him unconscious. Bronzen did not remember the incident upon regaining consciousness.

When the ship was raided by police and Coast Guard, Whipp and the surviving crew were taken into custody.


  • Bronzen initially addressed Whipp as "Whip", indicating that it is an alias. After that, it was consistently spelt with two Ps.
  • Whipp's last name of Sadiss was not revealed until a later Rogues' Gallery feature which also revealed him to be the brother of Pigface Sadiss.

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