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Ugly Christine
Ugly Christine (center), with Mr. Bribery, Matty Square, and Kitty (right)

First Appearance:

October 3rd, 1965

Real Name:

Christine Packet

Known Relatives:

Mr. Bribery (Deceased)

Known Associates:

Matty Square (Deceased)
Nah Tay (Deceased)
Miss Deal
Unnamed Twin Space Coupe Thieves (Deceased)

Appearance of Death:

September 26th, 1966

Created By:

Chester Gould

Ugly Christine was an alias of Christine Packet. She was fanatically devoted to her brother Joie Packet, aka Mr. Bribery. She had long dark hair that she wore brushed down over her eyes, which were set uncommonly wide on her face. Despite her name, she sometimes worked as a model.

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

Ugly Christine often branded members of Bribery's gang, as she was also branded herself. She joined her brother on several of his criminal endeavors, including the attempted kidnapping of the infant Honeymoon Tracy, and the theft of a Space Coupe.

When Dick Tracy discovered Mr. Bribery's office and the evidence of his various criminal activities, Ugly Christine was the first member of the gang taken into custody. Despite the efforts of Lizz and Tracy, Ugly Christine committed suicide by throwing herself from a magnetic Air Car and was burned to death in a fiery chimney (September 26th, 1966). The melted remnants of her handcuffs were all that was recovered of her.

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