At least two of the criminals in the Dick Tracy comic strip keep trophies of their murder victiums.

Criminal Cutie Diamond

Victiums trophies: Oklahoma Sherriff Badge; Bank tellers eye shade; Railroad Policeman's white hat; John Doe Law officers skull, badge and gun.

Disposition of Criminal: Killed in shootout with Dick Tracy and posse May 1935 in Ozark hills.

Disposition of trophies: Not stated in storyline, but presumed to have been found by State Police retrieving bodies of Cutie Diamond and accomplice Zora Arson.


Criminal: Joe Packett aka Mr. Bribery and Nah Tay

Victiums/trophies: about a dozen-Bribery "collected" heads of his victums-including trying to add Dick tracy to his collection!. Only two are identified: one was a corrupt Judge who took Bribes from the Apparatus Connection before he "disappeared"; the second is identified only as the brother of the man who killed Nah Tay.

Disposition of Criminals: Nah Tay was killed by the brother of man Tay killed: Tay was killed by being thrown out of a space coup into outer space. His "orbiting" body was later retrived by Dick Tarcy. Mr Bribery was captured by Dick Tracy and sent to prison {inmate #620}. Bribery escaped with the help of the Chin Chillers who later returned a unconscious Briber to prison from a great height; an alternative storyline however claims killed Bribery was a "double" and the "real" Bribery resumed his criminal enteprizes!

Disposition of trophies: Uncovered by Dick Tracy during invesigation

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