Tim Vick

First Appearance:

October 22nd, 1990

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother

Appearance of Death:

October 28th, 1990

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Dick Locher

Tim Vick was a teenage visitor to Dick Tracy's city. His parents were divorced and he was staying with his father.

One night, just before dusk, Tim went for a run in the local park. He was confronted by Harold "Hi-Top" Jones, who demanded that Vick surrender his expensive running shoes. Vick refused and fled. Hi-Top shot Vick and took his shoes.

Vick's body was later found by Officer Rodriquez, who notified Dick Tracy of the incident. This was Tracy's first indication of Hi-Top's criminal activities.


  • Tim Vick's name is a play on "victim".

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