Thistle Dew was an attractive young woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She had long blonde hair, light eyes, a small nose and prominent cheekbones.

Thistle Dew's father had also been a criminal. He had been convicted and executed some time previously, and his capture had been facilitated by a sketch of Junior Tracy's. Thistle Dew and her Uncle Punky blamed Junior and planned to kidnap and kill him in revenge.

Thistle Dew befriended Junior and went on a date with him. Uncle Punky knocked Junior unconscious and they took him to their hideout. Junior managed to subdue Thistle while Punky was away and she was arrested. Punky bailed her out but Punky was arrested when trying to kill his adviser Jimmy the Juice.

Years later, Thistle Dew was reported killed while committing a robbery with Wormy.


  • The name Thistle Dew is apparently a play on the expression "This'll do".
  • At the time that her death was reported, Thistle Dew had no previously established connection to Wormy. Wormy HAD previously conspired with Dewdrop.

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