The Phantom
The Phantom (right), with Dick Tracy

First Appearance:

February 17th, 1936
July 14th, 2016 (in Dick Tracy)

Created By:

Lee Falk

The Phantom is the name used by a family of of costumed adventurers based out of the African nation of Bangalla. The title of "Phantom" has been handed down from father to son since 1536.

In July of 2016, Dick Tracy encountered the then-current Phantom at Tracy's local airport. The Phantom was traveling in disguise with his pet wolf named Devil.

It was revealed that Tracy and Tess had met this Phantom previously. The Phantom also expressed a familiarity with Oliver and Annie Warbucks. Tracy introduced the Phantom to Junior and Honeymoon before the Phantom continued on his way.


  • The Phantom is the main character in a long-running newspaper comic strip distributed by King Features Syndicate.
  • The Phantom has also been a member of the group of heroes known as The Defenders of the Earth, which also includes Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician (other King Features Syndicate properties).
  • Do to copyright restrictions, when the Phantom appeared in Dick Tracy, his appearance was obscured by shadows and his disguise, and he was not addressed by name.

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