The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 9
Author Chester Gould
Publication date December, 2009
Published by IDW
ISBN 9781600105326
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 8
Followed by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 10
The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 9 contains the strips written and drawn by Chester Gould originally published in newspapers between the dates March 23rd, 1944 and September 19th, 1945

It includes the following storylines:

Itchy is introduced near the end of this volume, but his storyline would be concluded in the subsequent volume.

The book also includes original introductory material, including a Preface by editor Dean Mullaney, the essay "Darkness Into Light" by Jeff Kersten (which includes a description of the audio production Dick Tracy in B Flat), and the essay "He's Violent!" by Max Allan Collins.

Notes Edit

  • The book includes a disclaimer acknowledging the presence of racial caricatures in the strips and states that they are "reprinted without alteration for historical reference".
  • This volume contained a printing error in which 2 daily strips were duplicated and 2 strips were omitted. The missing strips (from June 24th, 1944 and May 24, 1945) are included in Volume 10.

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