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First Appearance (disguised, in silhouette) January 1st, 1978. Face revealed January 16th, 1978.

The Brow's Son (real name unrevealed) shared many physical traits with his father such as having the same brow ridges, though he was much younger and with a full head of lush, blonde hair and a pair of ears. All that is known about his background was that he was just an infant when his father was killed, and had a criminal record for minor offenses, serving two years in Joliet for a gas station holdup.

Alliance with AngeltopEdit

After he was released, he was part of a traveling carnival for their Gallery of Villains with wax figures of Dillinger, Flattop, Pruneface, Shaky, Al Capone, and his own father. The advertisement for the carnival said '"Meet the Brow's Son, Live!"'. Brow Jr. eventually left the carnival, met Angelica Jones and fell in love with her. He and Angelica (calling herself Angeltop) had come to Dick Tracy's hometown to promote her new book Sins of the Father: My Life as Flattop's Daughter. Brow Jr. disguised himself as a television studio crewman and shot Vitamin Flintheart (the next guest on the show), only to be pursued and identified by Junior Tracy, whom he injured while escaping. Junior's sketch of the suspect, drawn in the hospital while recovering from a concussion from his encounter with Brow Jr., completely shocked Tracy, who was convinced that no two people could look like that. Sam Catchem ran a background check on the young Brow and revealed that he was indeed the Brow's son. Brow Jr. unlike Angeltop, harbored no warm feelings for his own father, regarded his father as a murderer and was not obsessed with his father's past. He wanted nothing to do with the memory of his father and simply wanted to marry Angeltop and start a life with her.

Policewoman Lizz (who had killed Angeltop's brother Flattop Jr.) went to ask Angeltop a few questions in her hotel room (where she was making out with Brow Jr.) He hid and attempted to knock Lizz out, who fought back and managed to shoot the young Brow in the Shoulder. Tracy and Sam Catchem were waiting downstairs and both Angeltop and the wounded Brow kidnapped Tracy at gunpoint. They took him to their hideout, the Replica of the Santa Maria where Flattop had hid out (and eventually drowned) years before. They tied Tracy up and threw him into the underwater pilings where he struggled to stay afloat while the Brow rested with his girlfriend. Lizz and Sam raided the ship to rescue Tracy, which caused Angeltop to hurl a kerosene lamp, setting the ship afire. Angeltop was severely burned and fell into the water, and the Brow's son was arrested. The D.A. had to let Brow Jr. go because his rights were violated. He was last seen throwing a wreath of flowers into the water to honor Angeltop.

Angeltop's returnEdit

Four years later, it was revealed that Angeltop had survived the fire on the ship and had gotten reconstructive surgery from Dr. Will Carver. Brow Jr. was once again at her side, still as in love with her as before, but she had gone insane due to the trauma of her near death burns and many reconstructive surgeries. After Angeltop shot Carver, Brow Jr. helped her in her plan to kill Diet Smith during his Fusion Now tour, driving to Washington DC, disguised himself as a reporter, and switched Diet Smith's campaign button with an explosive one. Dick Tracy, who was the Police Liason on the Whistle Stop tour, managed to get the explosive off Diet before it blew up. Tracy searched Brow Jr, knowing who he was, but found nothing to tie him to the crime, even though he knew he was behind it.

Brow Jr. drove back to Angeltop before the explosion, so when he got back, a now insane Angeltop was furious with her boyfriend at his failure. Angeltop had kidnapped Lizz a few weeks before from her apartment and kept her prisoner. Angeltop changed her plans and planted dynamite in the Church basement on the day of Junior Tracy's Wedding to Sparkle Plenty. Brow Jr. had started to grow something that his father never had, a conscience. He tried to convince Angeltop to abort her plan, as he did not want to be involved in murdering innocent people. When that failed, the Brow's Son freed Lizz so that she could warn everyone and prevent all those needless deaths. When Lizz returned to apprehend Angeltop, Angeltop was about to kill her, only to be shot herself by the young Brow. Although he still professed his love to her, her love for him had now turned into an insane hatred. Both a heartbroken Brow Jr. and a bald Angeltop were arrested and, because of his saving Lizz's life, she stated that she would testify in his favor at his trial.

Following the death of Angeltop, it was revealed that the Brow's Son had learned of the event. He was shown in prison, crying over a photograph of Angeltop and vowing revenge. 

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