Another Connunity errorEdit

The Frankle "the Blank" redrum {Murder spelled backwords} is one of the better stories. HOwever it does have a connunity error...The former members of the Redrum Gang are shocked to find Redrum still alive..imlyling that they thought he had been killed in the jailbreak years before.. Yet the Blanks own words before he is gong to kill Stud Brozen is that he {and the rest of his gang} were going to find out what it ment to turn down an old pal..he wasnt good enough for them..the implacation being that after his jail break he tried to reassert himself as the gang leader. Likewise why would he waited 10 years for revenge? a better chronology would be that the Blank escaped only a year of so before his re-appearence 1936/1937

ANother Comic reliefEdit

AS usual Pat Patton does another goof up-not only does he have to be reminded by Dick Tracy to put a pair of handcuffs on the unconsious Blank, but he nearly completes the Blank revenge against Tracy and Brozen when he nearly opens up the decompression door-without releasing the air pressure slowly!