Gould connunity errorsEdit

Besides Himself, Falltop gang consists of three hired gunmen Total four. Yet when Flattop takes Tracy to his apartment hideout, he warnes Tracy there are four machine guns and four men pointed at Tracyimplying his gang is consisting of himself and five hired gunmen total six; also when Tracy is taken inside, Machine gun Ed is drawn twice-once behind Flattop and in front of Falttop as well! Likewise it is a little hard to beleive that anyone can talk normally with a bullet wound through his throat and probaly a broken jawbone as well! Or that somehow Falltop can put a large rowboat through a smaller side opening in a ship mock up or that a fugitive with such a distinctive face can buy grocies without being noticed!

Pat Patton's goof-upsEdit

In this storyline Pat Patton makes more than his usual share of goof-ups:

  • He neglects to put more than one officer Officer Murphy (Flattop Storyline) on an obvious route of escape-enabling Flattop to kill the officer and escape via Fire escape.
  • He neglects to observe dormant bees coming out of hibernation-thus giving a clue to Flattop Jones Sr. hideout
  • He gave Flattop's gun to Vitman Flintheart to hold-with which Flintheart accidently shot a bartender-and in turn landing Flintheart in jail which helped Flattop to escape!