Sticks Hepbeat

First Appearance:

February 9th, 1954

Known Relatives:

Open-Mind Monty, Brother
Dewdrop, Wife
Mr. Richy, Father-in-Law (deceased)

Known Associates:

Mrs. Green

Appearance of Death:

April 18th, 1954

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 15

Sticks Hepbeat was a drummer. He had given up his music career when he married Dewdrop. He hard dark hair which he wore slicked back, and a goatee.

In addition to his musical talent, Sticks had some skill as a woodworker.

The Rented Baby Edit

Sticks and Dewdrop conspired against Dewdrop's father by "renting" a baby and pretending that it was their son. The father, who had originally left the two out of his will, reversed his position when he found out he had a "grandson".

Dewdrop killed her father when their deception began to unravel. She and Sticks moved into his house along with Mrs. Green, the mother of the baby they were "renting". Mrs. Green obtained evidence of Dewdrop's role in her father's murder and attempted to blackmail them. Sticks struck her over the head with a blunt object and believed that he had killed her.

Sticks and Dewdrop concealed Mrs. Green's body inside a bass drum. When they left the drum unattended briefly, Mrs. Green revived and escaped, replacing her body in the drum with heavy objects to simulate her weight. Sticks and Dewdrop then took the drum to a secluded area and set it on fire, believing that would destroy the evidence.

Mrs. Green went to the police and told them about Sticks and Dewdrop's plot. Dick Tracy went to the mansion to investigate and killed Sticks in a shoot-out.

Later, Sticks' brother Open-Mind Monty tried to get revenge on Tracy, but failed.


  • The later villain Pantsy closely resembled Sticks.

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