First Appearance: 1961

Spready Spensive and his accomplice Duke Keene worked for crime kingpin Etah they agreed to take the "rap" for him in exchange for clues to determining theinstructions on how to find money he had hidden on his estate. Spready appeared on a police showup for a gas station murder. Despite evidence to his involvement, the witness was "afraid" to identify him and he was released thanks to his lawyer Mona. Not before, however, Tracy discovered that something metallic was sewn into him. When Duke was released, Spready and Duke went to the surgeon Keip Choppin and had envelopes hidden in their bodies removed and killed Choppin. Inside these envelopes were a key to a strongbox and a sheet of black paper with holes in it that was to be used to decipher the code on the letter in the strongbox. The two went to dig up the treasure, but Mona told the police where they were and the two were apprehended.

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