Special Agent Magruder

First Appearance:

January 31st, 1994

Created By:

Mike Kilian &
Dick Locher

Special Agent Magruder was an FBI Agent stationed at Quantico, VA. He had dark hair that he wore parted on the right, and arched eyebrows.

Training Dick Tracy Edit

When Dick Tracy was selected to receive special training at the FBI facility, Magruder was the Agent in charge. He greeted Tracy warmly, though Tracy was distracted by thoughts of his marital troubles.

Shortly thereafter, several sites in the US capital were targeted for acts of vandalism and destruction by Pig E. Bank, a corporate criminal whose assets had been frozen and wanted to revenge himself on the government. Bank sent taunting messages to the FBI, and Magruder was put in charge of tracking down the criminal. Tracy volunteered to help, though it meant more time away from Tess.

Catching Pig E. Bank Edit

Magruder and Tracy were able to decipher Bank's clues, and Tracy captured one of Bank's associates, Chip Armbruster. Magruder and Tracy were therefore able to thwart Bank's attempt to rob the U.S. Mint. Agent Kelley also assisted in the operation, and Kelley, Magruder, and Tracy all received special commendations (though Tracy was not present to claim his).

Notes Edit

  • Unlike many of the other FBI Agents that Tracy has worked with, Magruder has not become a recurring ally of Tracy.

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