First Appearance:

February 25th, 1934

Real Name:

George Bumpsted

Known Associates:

Jimmy White (Deceased)
Boss Jim Herrod (Deceased)
Big Boy (Deceased)

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Father, (Deceased)
Edith Bumpsted, Mother
J. Scotland Bumpsted, Brother

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 2

The man called Spaldoni was an attorney who represented criminals in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair and a moustache.


Spaldoni, sometimes identified as "Giorgio" or "Ben" Spaldoni, was the personal attorney of Big Boy.  After the death of "Boss" Jim Herrod, Spaldoni appeared to have taken over control of the gang. After the death of his friend Jimmy White, Spaldoni blamed Jean Penfield, a budding journalist who was writing a feature on organized crime in the city. Spaldoni became determined to get revenge.

Knowing there was jealousy between Jean and Tess Trueheart, Spaldoni forged letters filled with invective and sent them to the two women in order to increase the rift between them. He then lifted Tess' fingerprints and planted them on the handle of a gun.

When the two women had a fight, Spaldoni shot Jean and planted the gun where it would implicate Tess. Tess was arrested, but Spaldoni realized that Dick Tracy could match the handwriting on the fake letters with the letter he had given Jean when she had bailed Jimmy White out of jail.

Tracy made the connection before Spaldoni could prevent it, so Spaldoni and his gang fled to an abandoned steel mill where a shoot-out ensued. Spaldoni's gang were killed and Spaldoni was fatally injured. On his death bed, he confessed to the crime, exonerating Tess.

Following his death, Spaldoni's past was revealed to Tracy by Spaldoni's mother Edith. She informed the detective that Spaldoni's real name was George Bumpsted and that he had been born in London, England. The black sheep of the family, Spaldoni had taken a new name to distance himself from his mother and brother, a famous European police officer. Spaldoni's brother would soon become embroiled in Dick Tracy's next adventure.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

1990 MovieEdit

Spaldoni was a character in the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film. He was played by actor James Caan.

In the film, Spaldoni was a prominent criminal figure in the city, and was invited to Big Boy's crime summit. When Spaldoni refused to join Big Boy's syndicate, he left. His car was then blown up by a bomb that Big Boy had planted, as a warning to the rest of the summit's attendees.


  • Spaldoni's portrayal in the film by James Caan serves as an on-screen reunion between Caan and Al Pacino, who had co-starred in The Godfather, the acclaimed mafia film.

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