Sgt. Jackson

First Appearance:

November 2nd, 1990

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Dick Locher

Sergeant Jackson was an officer in Dick Tracy's police department. He was a tall African-American man.

Jackson was not a member of the Major Crimes Squad, focusing instead on narcotics and gang activity. He was identified by Chief Pat Patton as the head of the Street Gangs Squad.

Character BiographyEdit

Sgt. Jackson was a highly-regarded member of the police force in the city. When Dick Tracy first became aware of the gang-related activities of Hi-Top Jones and Little Boy, he worked closely with Sgt. Jackson and Lee Ebony to monitor new developments. The sergeant's knowledge of the city's gangs, their power structures and their rivalries was helpful to Tracy's investigation.

Jackson joined Tracy on a sting operation in which Jackson posed as a truck driver. The truck was hi-jacked by street gangs, but the officers were able to stop the crime and arrest the perpetrators. This confirmed their suspicions that the rival street gangs had formed an alliance.

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