Schultzie Innis

First Appearance:

November 10th, 1937

Known Associates:

The Blank
Dirks (deceased)
Neely (deceased)
Sam Doty (deceased)
Arthur "Nip" Dolton (deceased)
Stud Bronzen (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

November 14th, 1937

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4
The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy

Schultzie Innis had been a member of the old Redrum Slot Machine Gang of 1926. By 1937, he had become a successful racketeer on the east coast.

Revenge of the BlankEdit

Innis was kidnapped by his old boss The Blank, who then hijacked a airplane and forced Innis out. He crashed through a farmhouse roof kitchen near Ridgefield - which is located near Dick Tracy's city. While Tracy was investigating Innis' death, he also investigated the subsequent railroad/car crash which led to his confrontation with The Blank.


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