First Appearance:

March 10, 1939

Known Associates:

Micky Gainer

Appearance of Death:

April 3, 1939

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 5

Scardol (full name unrevealed) was a thief whose modus operandi involved robbing filling stations, returning to his private garage, and changing the car's license plates and paint color. He had small dark eyes, light hair, and a pronounced under-bite. Scardol had a high forehead and a skin condition that left his forehead pockmarked.

After Mickey Gainer escaped the shootout between Nails Wolley and Dick Tracy, he went to the hideout with Scardol. After Scardol killed Officer Shawn who happened past one of his filling station robberies (March 18, 1939), Tracy began to investigate. Scardol laid a trap for Tracy by robbing a filling station in the rain, which caused the water-soluble paint on his car to run off and leave a trail back to his garage. Tracy, with Pop Gainer, followed it. Scardol and his accomplice Killer killed two policemen. Pop was shot and wounded, and he and Tracy were captured.

Tracy and Pop were tied up and placed in a construction site where a dam was being built. Scardol prepared to break the wooden walls holding the wet concrete for the dam in place, with crushing Tracy and Pop and covering their bodies.

Pat Patton and the police force arrived, prompting Mickey to have a change of heart which motivated him to free his father and Tracy. Scardol was knocked into the path of the concrete and was crushed.

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