Sara Karloff

First Appearance:

December 21st, 2014

Known Relatives:

Boris Karloff, Father (deceased)

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

Sara Karloff was the daughter of actor Boris Karloff. She was a slender woman with long dark hair (with a streak of white in it).

Meeting GruesomeEdit

Sara Karloff attended the monster movie convention being held at the Locher Auditorium in Dick Tracy's city. The fugitive Gruesome arrived at the convention and attempted to blend in, but became annoyed when a number of people compared his appearance to that of Boris Karloff.

Sara Karloff approached Gruesome and stated that she thought he did NOT resemble her late father. This pleased Gruesome, who asked her permission to write to her from prison. She refused.


  • In real life, Sara Karloff has a friendly relationship with writer Mike Curtis.
  • Sara Karloff is one of several real world people to appear in the strip (see also Jerry Lawler and George Tawara).

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