First Appearance:

August 17th, 1994

Real Name:


Known Associates:

Feets Diamond
Slugs Magnum

Created By:

Mike Kilian &
Dick Locher

Rocksie was a seemingly scatter-brained woman who became romantically involved with several prominent criminals in Dick Tracy's city. She was an attractive woman, with wide eyes and light hair that she typically wore in a short, bobbed style.

Feets DiamondEdit

Rocksie was first seen during the time in which the (supposedly dying) criminal Mumbles was tracking down his relatives. She was in the company of Feets Diamond, who lavished her with jewels and expensive gifts.


After Diamond was arrested, Rocksie was found to be involved with the criminal Nutsy. Rocksie attempted to remake Nutsy's image into something more current, with limited success. She aided Nutsy and his gang through her theft of the newly-invented Wrist Geenee from police headquarters. Nutsy was eventually caught and sent to prison, but Rocksie avoided capture.

Slugs MagnumEdit

Rocksie visited Nutsy in prison on several occasions. This caused friction between Rocksie and her new boyfriend Slugs Magnum, whom she had helped to escape from prison. Nutsy later escaped himself and tried to win back Rocksie.

Rocksie fled the city with Nutsy, who later installed her in a luxurious penthouse apartment. Slugs tracked the pair and engaged in a shootout with Nutsy in a local art gallery.  Slugs was killed by a ricochet and Nutsy was arrested. Rocksie, who now found herself on a FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, went into hiding.

Rocksie has not been seen in the strip since.


  • Rocksie seemed to be very affectionate with all of her boyfriends, but it is unclear if this affection was genuine, or if it had more mercenary motivations.
  • Rocksie's hair has been colored blonde and light red/orange.
  • Rocksie was opposed to wearing fur, as she believed it promoted cruelty to animals.
  • Rocksie's name was sometimes spelled "Roxie".

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