Rachel Hennessy

First Appearance:

November 8th, 2007 (as a "ghost")

Known Relatives:

J. Tucker Hennessy, Father (deceased)
Hennessy, Brother (deceased)

Created By:

Dick Locher

Rachel Hennessy was a daughter of J. Tucker Hennessy.

Family Strife Edit

At some point in the past, Rachel had learned about the scheme between her brother (young Mr. Hennessy) and a man named Smart. The two men conspired to take advantage of J. Tucker Hennessy's financial misfortune and purchase Hennessy Mansion at a fraction of its value. After the transaction was completed, Rachel witnessed her brother shoot her father.

Smart was soon elected Governor, and Rachel began to fear for her safety. Rachel wrote a note saying what she had seen and hid it in the abandoned family mansion. Shortly thereafter, Rachel died in a traffic collision that was determined to be an accident.

The "Ghost" of Rachel Hennessy Edit

Some time later, Governor Smart spent a night in the "haunted" Hennessy Mansion as part of a charity fundraiser. He was joined by Dick Tracy and Mayor Headstrong. During the night, Dick Tracy saw a ghostly figure of a woman, who led to him to where the abducted Mayor had been left.

That night, the various machinations of Governor Smart and Hennessy came to light. Hennessy was killed, and Rachel's jewelry box was found. Her note was discovered, and Tracy and Headstrong began to suspect that Smart had played a role in her death.

Tracy believed that the "ghost" of Rachel that he had seen was real, but could not be entirely sure that he had not imagined it.

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