Public Domain

First Appearance:

July 30th, 2017

Known Associates:

Silver Nitrate
Sprocket Nitrate
Unnamed Driver

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

The criminal known as Public Domain was a confidence trickster who operated in and around Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair, almond-shaped eyes, and a flat, wide nose.

Public Domain arranged for Silver Nitrate and his sister Sprocket to escape from police custody as they were transferred from one facility to another. The Nitrates were then brought to Domain, where he attempted to recruit them into his current criminal scheme.


  • "Public Domain" is a legal term that relates to creative works. Once the copyright on a work (i.e. song, film, or other published material) has expired, that work enters the public domain and may therefore be used and reproduced without paying a royalty or license fee to the original producers.

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