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Professor Transo was an accomplice of Mumbles on "Archie's TV Funnies". Transo was the only person who could understand Mumbles' speech.

Character BiographyEdit

Professor Transo operated the Transo-Lation language school, which served as a front for his and Mumbles' criminal operation. They had several high-tech vehicles, including a hovering airship with an anti-gravity ray, and a submarine with a long-distance drill and vacuum tube.

When Dick Tracy sent Junior and Moon Maid to infiltrate Transo's school, Transo's receptionist sealed them in a glass bell jar. Transo and Mumbles then took them along on their attempt to rob a freighter carrying gold dust, believing that Tracy would not interfere and risk harming his family.

Transo was eventually captured along with Mumbles.


  • With his dark hair and moustache, Transo slightly resembled Sketch Paree.
  • It is unknown if Transo was an actual professor, or even if "Transo" was his real name.

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Mumbles
  • Unnamed Receptionist
  • Unnamed Henchman

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