Professor Emirc
Villains emirc

First Appearance:

November 1st, 1939

Known Associates:

Stooge Viller (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 6

Professor M. Emirc ("crime" spelt backwards) was a scientist and engineer who sold his inventions to criminals. He was bald, had very small eyes and typically wore eyeglasses. He had prominent ears and a wrinkled face.

Emirc's unique devices included tear gas sprayers, pocket torches, and ballistics-proof guns. Stooge Viller joined him and peddled Emirc's inventions to members of the criminal underworld. Dick Tracy found their hideout, but Stooge discovered Tracy and forced him (at gunpoint) to help move Emirc's equipment to a different location. Viller then left Tracy in a death-trap, despite Emirc's objections.

Later, Viller became obsessed with reconnecting with his estranged daughter. He abandoned his gang, including Emirc. Professor Emirc's fate is unknown.


  • It is unknown to what extent if any that Emirc's organization was connected to The Apparatus.

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