First Appearance:

November 16th, 1967

Known Associates:

Piggy Butcher (deceased)
Unnamed Attorney (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

December 11th, 1967

Created By:

Chester Gould

Pollyanna was a model and associate of the criminal Piggy Butcher. She was tall and voluptuous, with long blonde hair that she typically wore down over her face. She had the habit of referring to herself in the third person.

Friend of the ButcherEdit

Pollyanna was fond of Piggy, and when he called her in desperation, she came to his aid. She comforted him and agreed to participate in his scheme to kill Moon Maid.

Sit down

Pollyanna with Piggy Butcher and his attorney

Piggy planned to have Pollyanna impersonate Moon Maid at the Police Ball where Moon Maid was to be honored. This would give Piggy's other associate (his lawyer) the chance to kill Moon Maid with an experimental laser gun that Piggy had obtained from a secret government laboratory.

Masquerading as Moon MaidEdit

Pollyanna was fitted with a costume that resembled the outfit that Moon Maid typically wore, and a pair of artificial horns. With her hair in her face, she looked convincingly like Moon Maid. She and the lawyer set out on their task, leaving Piggy behind to establish an alibi.

Pollyanna reimagined lg

Pollyanna, reimagined by Al Rio

As Pollyanna and the lawyer were climbing into a taxi, Pollyanna tripped and landed on the laser gun. This set the gun off, and it vaporized the cab and all 3 people inside it, along with a significant section of the street (December 11th, 1967).

Piggy was devastated by the loss, and sank into depression and drunkenness.

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