Pinkie the Stabber

First Appearance:

October 4th, 1931

Created by:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 1

Pinkie the Stabber was an ex-boxer and stick-up artist who has the distinction of being the first criminal shown being apprehended by Dick Tracy.

Tracy (who was not known to Chief Brandon at the time) had been the only eyewitness to a hotel robbery that Pinkie had committed. Tracy had intervened and taken a swing at Pinkie, who dodged. When Tracy was called by Chief Brandon to pick the suspect out of a line-up, Tracy did not recognize any of the men with whom he was presented.

Tracy did find something familiar about a woman he saw sitting in a separate cell who had been arrested on an unrelated charge. Tracy asked her to be brought out of the cell, and he swung at her. When the woman dodged (in the same manner that Pinkie had the night before), Tracy deduced that she was actually Pinkie in disguise. Revealed, Pinkie (still wearing a dress) lunged at Tracy, who knocked the man off his feet.

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