Open-Mind Monty

First Appearance:

April 21st, 1954

Known Relatives:

Sticks Hepbeat, Brother (deceased)
Dewdrop, Sister-in-Law

Known Associates:

Half Pint

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 15

Monty “Open-Mind” Hepbeat was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair and narrow eyes. He had an eccentric and meticulous personality.

Open-Mind’s name came from an exposed bit of knife blade that stuck out from his forehead. Open-Mind propogated the story that the blade had become stuck in his skull after a fight and would kill him if removed.

Revenge-Seeking BrotherEdit

Monty’s sister-in-law Dewdrop came to him after his brother Sticks had been killed and she was fleeing the police.

Open-Mind Monty ran a stolen jewelry ring from a greenhouse and sent his gems to be fenced by either carrier pigeon or in potted plants.

Dewdrop and Monty planned to kill Dick Tracy, but they were tricked into shooting a dummy instead. Monty, Dewdrop and their gang were all later arrested, Oeen-Mind was released on the fact that you can't murder or even attempt murder on a dummy. He refused to put up bail for Dewdrop which made her motivated to inform Tracy of his Diamond Smuggling operation. He was then arrested again, and it was revealed that the knife in Monty's forehead was not genuine and could be removed.


  • Monty did not especially care for Dewdrop. He blamed her for Sticks giving up his musical career, and he later refused to pay for Dewdrop's legal representation.
  • Open-Mind Monty appeared briefly in the 80th Anniversary storyline. He had just been arrested and was posing for a mug shot.

    Open-Mind Monty, as drawn by Joe Staton