"Muscle" Famon

First Appearance:

October 6th, 1935

Known Relatives:

Maw Famon, Mother (deceased)
Cut Famon, Brother (deceased)

Known Associates:

Mr. Basil
Kent (deceased)
Mike McGoll
Barney Boyle

Appearance of Death:

December 13th, 1935

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 3

"Muscle" Famon was the brother of "Cut" Famon and the son of "Maw" Famon. He had dark hair.

The Family BusinessEdit

Muscle ran a gas station in Homeville and joined Cut's gang when Cut was released from prison. He worked closely with Cut in Cut's attempts to discredit Dick Tracy. When the plan unraveled, Muscle was killed in a shootout with police and federal agents.


  • As a key member of Cut Famon's gang in Homeville, Muscle Famon would have had most (if not all of) the same associates as Cut.

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