Mrs. Topp

First Appearance:

September 5th, 1979

Known Associates:


Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Rick Fletcher

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles Vol. 2
Dick Tracy Meets the Punks

Mrs. Topp (first name unrevealed) was the operator of the Topp Talent Agency in Washington state. She was an older, slightly heavyset woman with dark hair.

She was familiar with the aspiring punk rocker Bony, though she did not represent him. She was critical of punk music in general and Bony's lack of talent in particular. In 1979 she believed that the future of music was in Rock & Roll and New Wave, predicting the death of Disco and dismissing Punk Rock as a British fad that would never catch on in America.

Mrs. Topp identified Bony from a police sketch that Joe Sampson and Dick Tracy showed her. One of her associates, Rob, observed the police leaving her agency and warned Bony about their activities.

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