Mrs. Potter

First Appearance:

February 5th, 1943

Known Relatives:

Mr. Potter, Husband (Deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 8

Mrs. Potter was a wealthy widow who wanted to use her late husband's estate to help the people of Dick Tracy's city. She was an elderly woman with grey hair and a pleasant demeanor. She often used a pair of spectacles to help her see.

During World War II, Mrs. Potter converted her large home into a day-care center for the children of working mothers. She hired the amputee nurse Frizzletop to assist her.

One of the women who used the day-care center was Myrtle Wreath, whose son Johnny was very young. While under Mrs. Potter's care, Johnny was abducted by Myrtle's estranged husband Nifty. Mrs. Potter and Frizzletop consoled Myrtle until Johnny was recovered.


  • In the strip, Mrs. Potter's facility was referred to as a "nursery". However, much of the house was given over to the function of child-care, making the term not entirely accurate.

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