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Mr. Bribery

First Appearance:

July 3rd, 1965

Real Name:

Joie Packet

Known Relatives:

Ugly Christine, Sister (Deceased)

Known Associates:

Miss Deal
Matty Square(Deceased)
Nah Tay (Deceased)
George Chin Chillar (Deceased)
Notta Chin Chillar
Soapy Lava (Deceased)
Joel Deadlead
Yolly Times (Deceased)
Maay (Deceased)
Unnamed Twin Space Coupe Thieves (Deceased)

Appearance of Death:

June 26th, 1967

Created By:

Chester Gould

Joie Packet, aka Mr. Bribery, was a murderer, drug smuggler, pickpocket, influence peddler, briber and blackmailer, as well as being the leader of a criminal operation which he ran with the aid of his loyal sister Ugly Christine. He was a thin, bespectacled man with short dark hair that he wore slicked back.

Bribery had several bizarre habits, including talking to his rose bush, allowing his pet cat Kitty to smoke cigars, making decisions with the aid of a Ouija board, branding his underlings on the forehead with the letter "B", and decapitating people and shrinking their heads.

Bribery's Early SchemesEdit

One of the most ghoulish villains that Dick Tracy faced, Mr. Bribery crossed paths with Tracy several times. He had been a patron of the criminal Matty Square, and he devised the trap for Tracy that ultimately cost Square his life.

Bribery also employed the Ecuadoran native Nah Tay as a front for his criminal enterprise, and used Nah Tay's skill a head shrinker to intimidate his associates. Bribery made an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap Honeymoon Tracy shortly after she was born, and he and his sister were rescued by Nah Tay.

Bribery then assigned Nah Tay to murder Dick Tracy. When Nah Tay refused to kill Tracy, Bribery arranged for him to be kidnapped by the Space Coupe pilot Maay, who ejected Nah Tay into Earth's orbit.

The Stolen Space CoupeEdit

Later, Bribery arranged for the theft of a Space Coupe. He attempted to double-cross his twin pilots, but they managed to gain an advantage on Bribery. In the process, $100,000 cash (supposedly the twins' pay for the theft) was ejected into space in orbit around Earth, much like Nah Tay had been.


The stolen Space Coupe returned to Earth and was put in a secluded hiding spot. The twins held Ugly Christine hostage while Bribery arranged for another payoff. Christine and Bribery managed to surprise the twins and killed them, depositing their bodies at a construction site. When Bribery and Christine attempted to return to the hidden Space Coupe, they attracted the attention of Dick Tracy, who had found the stolen vehicle and was waiting for them. Tracy followed the pair back to their hideout, and discovered evidence of their many crimes. Ugly Christine was taken into custody (but quickly committed suicide by throwing herself from a magnetic Air Car and falling into a fiery chimney) while Bribery, his cat, and his secretary Miss Deal escaped.

Later, Miss Deal inadvertently led police to their new hideout. Bribery attempted to kill her as punishment and she kicked him in the face. Bribery was eventually apprehended by Tracy (January 18th, 1965) and sent to the State Prison, where his prisoner number was 620. His cat Kitty (which he had stolen from Matty Square) gave up cigars and become part of the Police Department menagerie.

Alliance with the Chin ChillarsEdit

Bribery & Chin Chillars

Mr. Bribery & the Chin Chillars, June 1967

Bribery escaped from prison by bribing the Warden and hiring George and Notta Chin Chillar to steal a Space Coupe, with the offer of trying to recover his money that was still in orbit. After recovering the cash, the Chin Chillars gave Bribery alcohol to drink until he passed out and then "returned" Bribery to prison by dropping him from a great height through the roof of the prison carpentry shop. Bribery was apparently killed in the fall (June 26th, 1967). His body was never shown, but several characters commented on his gory condition. He was never explicity declared to be dead by any character or image. The money was later destroyed while the Chin Chillars were escaping from Dick Tracy.


  • Unlike many of the other succesful criminal figures depicted in the strip (both before and since), Mr. Bribery does not seem to have been at all connected to The Apparatus, or any of that group's ancillary operations. His organization appears to have functioned completely independently, with Bribery answering to no higher authority. It is possible that some of the corrupt public officials that Bribery influenced later became beholden to The Apparatus as well. It remains to be seen if any remnants of Bribery's organization are affiliated with The Black Hearts.

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