Appeared in 1973

Character BiographyEdit

When the skull of a gangster Diamond Tooth Rinkles (who had been found beheaded in 1962) was found, Dick Tracy and Lizz talked with his half-sister Florabelle Rinkles, who kept a guillotine in her basement. (December 9, 1973) Lizz discovered the guillotine, and Florabelle tried to kill Lizz with it but was stopped by her grandson Pockets who was forced to knock her unconscious.

At the site where the skull had been found, a left handed meat cleaver was found. Florabelle acknowleged to the police that the reason her half-brother had been killed was that he had guillotined Ponto Gillis, whose cousin - knife thrower Kenno the Great - was the owner of the Cleaver. Kenno stole the skull from Florabelle and tried to destroy it, but it was found and given back to Tracy.

Kenno was later shot and killed by Lizz.

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