Miss Intro
The Painted Lady

First Appearance:

December 3rd, 1968 (partial)
January 2nd, 1969 (revealed)

Known Aliases:

"The Painted Lady"

Known Relatives:

Mr. Intro, Father (Deceased)

Known Associates:

Hy Jacky
Mr. Adverb
The Hair Bandits

Appearance of Death:

January 27th, 1969

Created By:

Chester Gould

Miss Intro (aka "The Painted Lady") was the beautiful daughter of Mr. Intro. She had platinum blonde hair, which she arranged in a flip hairdo that covered her left eye.

The Hair BanditsEdit

Miss Intro w

as also the head of a crime syndicate that stole women's hair. She owned a nightclub in Dick Tracy's city called "The Painted Lady", which served as a front for her criminal activities. Female patrons would be observed and evaluated, then later Miss Intro's agents would assault them and steal their hair.
Painted Lady 1-12-69

Miss Intro, aka "The Painted Lady," 1-12-69

Miss Intro had a large studio at her club which contained a collection of wigs, brushes, and body paints. She spent much of her time in her studio, giving orders to her men, drinking martinis, and painting her body while standing in a pool of water.  She wore a series of revealing costumes, though (as Lizz noted) most of her clothes were painted on.

Dick Tracy and his team began to investigate the hair thefts that were being committed at "the Painted Lady."  They interviewed several of the victims, and eventually Tracy and Lizz (who wore a large blonde wig as bait) went undercover to visit the club (January 12th, 1969).  Afterwards, Lizz was unsuccessfully attacked by hair bandits. Tracy surmised that Miss Intro was the leader of the operation.  He called her for a "date" as a ploy to question her about her crimes (1/21/69).  Her henchmen tried to talk her out of meeting with the policeman, but she was determined. When Tracy eventually arrived for his "date," he found Miss Intro dead in her studio.

Painted Lady dances

Tracy began an investigation into Miss Intro's death, which led him to question Hy Jacky, a comedian who had performed at "The Painted Lady". Tracy discovered that Jacky was Miss Intro's boyfriend, and he quickly became the prime suspect.  Moon Maid was called in to distract Hy Jacky while Junior tested to see whether Jacky's hand print was the same as Miss Intro's killer, which it was.  After further investigation and a violent confrontation on the Moon between Tracy and Jacky, Hy Jacky eventually confessed to murdering Miss Intro.


  • Miss Intro had a push button phone, which was advanced technology in 1969.
    Painted Lady 1-21-69-0
  • Miss Intro did not express any specific desire to avenge her father's death, and therefore would not meet the criteria of a Revenge-Seeking Relative.