Mayor Waite Wright

First Appearance:

October 8th, 1935

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 3

Waite Wright was the Mayor of the town of Homeville. He was a heavyset man with thin hair. He had an avuncular demeanor and often carried a cane, though he seemed to be able-bodied.

Recruiting Dick Tracy Edit

Mayor Wright had been a friend of Dick Tracy's father. Wright had aided Tracy's father financially at one point, and Tracy had promised to return the favor if he was ever able to. After Tracy distinguished himself in the plainclothes division of the city's police force, Mayor Wright contacted him to ask for help.

Homeville's local government had become corrupt, and the town was also the base of operations for the criminal Famon family led by "Cut" Famon, his brother "Muscle", and their mother "Maw". Wright appointed Tracy as interim Police Chief, and supported him in all of the changes that Tracy enacted.

Tracy was able to restore lawfulness to the town government and break up the Famons' criminal organization (with some assistance from FBI Agent Jim Trailer), proving Wright's confidence in him to be well-founded.


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