Mayor Fred Turner was a bald, slightly heavy-set man with a pointed nose. He had acquired the nickname "Glad Hand".

Corruption in the CityEdit

Mayor Turner held his office as early as 1933. He was friends with Boss Jim Herrod, and Herrod used their relationship to gather information. Turner claimed that he was unaware that Herrod had taken over operation of Big Boy's racketeering syndicate, and he expressed surprise that such corruption was present in his administration. He determined to work with Dick Tracy and the police to end the rackets in the City.

The Boris Arson DebacleEdit

In 1935, following Boris Arson's daring escape from the city's jail, Chief Brandon came under public criticsm. The Mayor, while sympathetic to Brandon's situation, insisted that someone must be held accountable. Dick Tracy took responsibility for Arson's escape, appeasing Mayor Turner and the public.

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