First Appearance:

July 15th, 1947

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Brother

Known Associates:

Autumn Hews

Appearance of Death:

October 14th, 1947

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 11

Lugi (full name unconfirmed) was a close associate of Coffyhead. He had light-colored hair that he wore short. He habitually wore a cap and a buttoned-down shirt with large polka-dots on it.

Lugi's weapon of choice was a set of brass knuckles, which he referred to as "knucks".

Thwarting the Crime StoppersEdit

Lugi aided in Coffyhead's efforts to to discredit Junior’s newly-formed Crimestoppers Club. Working with Autumn Hews, he helped her gain the boys' trust and later framed some members of the club for shoplifting. He brought Junior and Bronko to Coffyhead and observed as he tortured the boys. Lugi assisted Coffyhead in his attempt to kill the boys with deadly gas, then fled with Coffyhead to their garage hideout.

Lugi was present when Dick Tracy infiltrated the garage. He was able to escape before the police raid began, and was nearly successful in attacking Tracy with a sharp metal tool called a "coal clinker". He was stopped by Junior and arrested.

The JailbreakEdit

Lugi and Coffyhead were placed in holding cells on opposite sides of the hallway in the city jail. Coffyhead was able to steal a retracting steel tape measure from a plumber, which he passed to Lugi. Lugi bent the tape measure into a tool and used it to pick the lock on his cell door. He then shorted out a light fixture. 

When the officer on duty responded to the power outage, Lugi assaulted him and freed Coffyhead. They used the tape measure as a makeshift garrotte, which they wrapped around the officer's neck. They led the officer down the hallway, using him as a human shield.

In the darkness, Lugi and Coffyhead inadvertently entered a break room where Tracy and some other officers were playing cards. Lugi dropped his hostage and attempted to flee back through the police station. He encountered more police officers and tried to grab one of their guns. He was subsequently shot and killed. Coffyhead was returned to his cell.


  • When Coffyhead and Lugi fled to their garage hideout, Coffyhead indicated that they would be meeting up with Lugi's brother. Two of their confederates at the garage were later identified by the names Jake and Mickey, though it was not explicitly stated which (if either) was Lugi's brother.

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