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Little Littel

"Little" Littel was an explosives expert and contract killer, who got his name by standing well under 5 feet tall. Little became an expert in explosives while a soldier in Vietnam.

After returning to civilian life he employed his skills by working for The Apparatus. His murder style with explosives was unique: rather than place it in the engine compartment of a car, he preferred to place the bomb inside the cab of a car under the dashboard where the target would likely not expect it. As such, the bomb could evade a standard inspection and it would detonate with the car's ignition system when the target started the car. 

Littel gave up his criminal activities and ran his own electronics store, Littel Electronics for some time before his wife, Lily convinced him to try to kill Dick Tracy after she read of Big Boy's $1,000,000.00 contract.  As such, Littlel placed a bomb in Dick Tracy's car, but the bomb instead killed Moon Maid, Junior Tracy's wife.

After discovering Little was to blame, Dick Tracy, Sam, Lizz and Junior all converged on Littel Electronics to apprehend Little. After a scuffle triggered a bomb in his workshop, Little told everyone else to run for safety while he attempted to disarm the bomb. However he was unable to stop the bomb in time and Little Littel was killed in the explosion that destroyed his electronics store.

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