Little Gorilla
Little Gorilla (center) menaces Dick Tracy

First Appearance:

July 21st, 1958

Known Relatives:

Kiko, Brother

Known Associates:

Chicory (Deceased)
The Dropper (Deceased)

Appearance of Death:

October 20th, 1958

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 18

The man known as Little Gorilla (sometimes just "Gorilla") was a strong, usually-shirtless henchman of criminal Chicory in (pre-Communist) Cuba. He had blond hair and rarely spoke. His real name has not been revealed.

Ally of ChicoryEdit

When Dick Tracy arrived at Chicory’s home seeking information about the fugitive Miss Egghead, Gorilla ambushed Tracy from behind a folding screen. Gorilla’s powerful bearhug subdued the detective. Gorilla was prepared to shoot Tracy, but was stopped by an agent of The Dropper. Tracy was put on Dropper’s plane and deposited on the Granite Island. Gorilla kept Tracy’s hat as a souvenir of his victory over the American.

Later, Wunbrow came to Chicory’s home looking for Tracy. He discovered Tracy’s hat and took Chicory and Gorilla into custody. However, the men were soon released, as Wunbrow believed that their movements would lead him to Tr

Wunbrow (left) recognizes Tracy's hatband on Little Gorilla's head


Betrayal of Miss EggheadEdit

Chicory was again approached by Miss Egghead, but this time the man had no interest in helping her. With Gorilla’s assistance, Chicory locked Miss Egghead in one of his gamecock pens. The two men then fled Chicory’s house, which was being flooded by the severe storm that was battering Cuba.

Chicory and Gorilla fled to Dropper’s airplane, but they were unable to take off. The flood waters eventually rose so high that the plane flipped over. The fuel tanks ruptured, filling the flooded fuselage with gasoline and fumes.

At this point, the criminals discovered that they had been found by the police, including a recently rescued Dick Tracy. Chicory was determined not to be taken without a fight, and despite Dropper’s warning, he fired at the approaching police officers. The flash from his gun ignited the gasoline fumes and the plane exploded. Gorilla tried to escape the flames underwater, but ultimately drowned along with the other 2 men. Their bodies were recovered and identified shortly thereafter.

Little Gorilla's LegacyEdit

Years later, Dick Tracy returned to Cuba to find the fugitive known as Specs. He was reunited with Wunbrow, and the detectives were accosted by a gang of criminals. One of the revealed himself to be Kiko, Little Gorilla's revenge-seeking brother.

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