Linky Weeks
Linky, with Pat Patton

First Appearance:

June 18th, 1946

Full Name:


Known Associates:

Roach (deceased)
Shoulders (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 10

Linky (possibly an alias) was a member of Shoulders' criminal organization that operated in Dick Tracy's city. He was thin, with dark hair that he wore long and swept-back on top and very short on the sides.

After Roach was arrested for attempting to steal Dick Tracy's wallet, Linky worked with the girl singer Themesong on the street. Themesong informed Linky that a police officer (Pat Patton) was watching them, and Linky attempted to assault Pat. Pat avoided Linky's blow and arrested him, after blacking both of Linky's eyes. However, being hand-cuffed to Linky prevented Pat from pursuing Themesong when she fled the scene of the incident.

Notes Edit

  • Linky's last name "Weeks" was provided in a later Rogues' Gallery entry, which also indicated that he served a sentence of 6 months. Presumably, this name was inspired by the idea that he was the "weak link" in Shoulders' organization.

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