Lily Littel

First Appearance:

July 21st, 1978

Known Relatives:

Little Littel, Husband (deceased)
Unnamed Sister

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Rick Fletcher

Can Be Found:

The Dick Tracy Casebook
Dick Tracy: The Collins Casefiles Vol. 1

Lily Littel was the wife of the former criminal "Little" Littel. She was a tall, statuesque woman with dak hair. She typically wore a lily on her chest.

Lily was devoted to her husband, but wanted a more glamourous life for both of them. That greed led her to convince Little to use his skill with explosives in order to try to collect Big Boy's One Million Dollar Open Contract on Dick Tracy.

Little's first attempt failed to kill Tracy, but it did kill Moon Maid (Tracy's daughter-in-law). Evidence surfaced that led the police to question the Littles, but they claimed to have an alibi. After the police left, the Littles, especially Lily who had absolutely no remorse for enabling an innocent bystander to die at her husband's failed attempt done at her urging, prepared to try again.

Tracy, Sam Catchem, and Lizz gathered more evidence against the Littles, and Junior Tracy became convinced that they were responsible for the death of his wife. Junior confronted the Littles at the electronics store just before Tracy and the other detectives arrived. A brief showdown took place, and Lily had to be subdued by Lizz. During the incident, a bomb's detonation timer was started, and Little urged everyone to flee while he attempted to defuse it. The police officers evacuated the building, taking Lily with them. Little was unable to disarm the bomb. It exploded, killing him and destryong the store.

After Little Littlel was killed, Lily swore vengeance against the police officers, Lizz and Junior in particular.


  • The Littles alibi for planting the bomb that killed Moon Maid was that they had been at the home of Lily's sister all day. Given that the Little's would have known that the police would attempt to verify this alibi, readers can assume that Lily's sister exists.
  • Since her arrest, Lily has not resurfaced to carry out her threats against Lizz and Junior. She would therefore not fit the criteria of a Revenge-Seeking Relative.

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