Larry Jones

First Appearance:

January 24th, 1952

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Parents
Model Jones, Sister (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Dick Tracy Casebook
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 14

Larry Jones was the delinquent brother of Model Jones. His parents were neglectful and drank heavily, which led to Larry engaging in criminal activity.

Larry and his confederates made a habit of stealing parking meters. He eventually killed a police officer who had been waiting to catch him in the act.

Larry subsequently became a fugitive after Model and Junior Tracy identified her brother as the killer. They later found Larry and begged him to give himself up. The police arrived on the scene during this confrontation and surprised Larry, who started a struggle with Model. He accidentally shot and mortally wounded her. Larry then attempted to escape, but was soon captured by Dick Tracy.

Larry Jones was last seen in jail, lamenting the fact that he had killed his sister and was facing several felony charges including petty larceny, destruction of public property, resisting arrest, and murder.

Notes Edit

  • There is no established connection between Larry Jones and the notorious Jones Family.

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