Larceny Lu

First Appearance:

December 7th, 1932

Known Associates:

Steve the Tramp
Doc Hump (deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 1
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 2

Larceny Lu and her gang ran a stolen auto parts ring which was uncovered by Junior Tracy. The gang escaped when Dick Tracy raided their hideout, but Junior and Tracy captured them during their escape in Crossville.

Lu soon slipped out of jail, teaming up with her accomplice Mortimer and Steve the Tramp. Lu was able to capture her old enemy "Scotty" Bumpsted and gave him to Doc Hump for experimentation. Doc was arrested and Lu again captured Scotty, this time paralyzing him. Scotty’s mother Edith hunted Steve and Lu down, almost killing them.

Dick Tracy arrived and captured Steve the Tramp but Lu escaped. Remembering Steve’s story about Junior’s mother Mary Steele, Lu decided to con Mary into giving her half the money willed to her by Hank Steele. Dick Tracy discovered the plot and arrested her and Mortimer at an amusement park, thanks to Pat Patton's detective work.