First Appearance:

September 25th, 1938

Known Aliases:


Known Associates:

Unnamed Father

Known Associates:

Halone (deceased)

Appearance of Death:

December 23rd, 1938

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 5

Karpse (full name unrevealed) was creating poison gas for a foreign power. He had a long straight nose and light hair.

After the conclusion of the Jojo Nidle case, Karpse's accomplice Marro informed Dick Tracy to investigate Karpse because of his involvement with female foreign agent Halone.

Karpse learned that Tracy and FBI agent Jim Trailer were after him so he and Halone tried to escape with the gas but were involved in a crash. Karpse then detonated a bomb on a plane and Tracy and Trailer were poisoned by the gas, rendering Tracy temporarily blind.

Traveling on foot through the woods, Karpse and Halone were attacked by a bear. Karpse abandoned Halone, who was killed by the animal. He then made his way to the city, where he took a job as a baker at Mrs. Trueheart’s delicatessen using the alias "Janings". He also found Marro and brutally assaulted her. He threatened to kill her unless she continued to help him.


Karpse, as "Janings"

Karpse was badly scalded when a water heater at the delicatessen exploded. At the hospital, Karpse was identified by Jim Trailer. Karpse attempted to escape, but accidentally lit himself on fire and was killed by the blaze.

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