First Appearance: March 11th, 1971

Johnny Scorn was the head of a criminal organization that specialized in smuggling (with an emphasis on jewels), trafficking of stolen goods, and demolitions. He had an affinity for freshly popped popcorn, and he was romantically involved with Molene, the Mole’s granddaughter.


Shortly after Molene, her grandfather, and their courier (the man called Pouch) were arrested, Johnny arranged to blow up their underground hideout, destroying any additional evidence against them. Scorn later hosted Pouch and Molene at his penthouse apartment. He had met Molene previously and she had become enamored of him. Johnny introduced himself to Pouch and informed him that Pouch had been working for him for some time, even though the courier was not aware of it.

Scorn then recruited Pouch for several long-distance smuggling jobs. At the same time, Scorn brought Molene further into his organization, explaining to her how he operated his mining company as a pretense for maintaining his license to possess explosives. He would then sell these explosives to the highest bidder.

Supplying El TigressEdit

One of Scorn’s more valued clients was the revolutionary known as “El Tigress”. Scorn was also romantically involved with her. When Molene learned of this she became enraged, and menaced Johnny and El Tigress with a hand grenade. El Tigress rushed Molene, and Molene dropped the grenade during the struggle. It exploded, along with several tons of additional explosive that were on hand at Scorn’s mine. Molene and El Tigress were killed in the blast.

Scorn, however, had escaped through a secret tunnel, and retreated to his penthouse. With the police believing him dead, Scorn looked forward to engaging in further criminal activity without fear or scrutiny from the authorities. Pouch, however, soug
ht revenge for the death of Molene (as well as having been paid by Scorn with counterfeit bills), and planted some blasting caps in Scorn’s popcorn popper. When Scorn turned the device on, the heat from the popper ignited the caps and the explosion destroyed his apartment, killing Scorn in the process.

Pouch was apparently never charged in Scorn’s death.

When Dick Tracy investigated Scorn's quarry he found the remains of a undercover police officer Jay Waljo who had been missing for 2 years since 1969.

Notes Edit

  • Mole claimed that Molene and Pouch (and by extension Johnny Scorn) worked for "an outfit". This may have been reference to the Apparatus, but this was not explicitly stated.

Known AssociatesEdit

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