Johnny Naem

First Appearance:

October 23rd, 1940

Known Relatives:

Mrs. Naem, Mother

Known Associates:

Deafy Sweetfellow

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 6

Johnny Naem ("mean" spelt backwards) was an accomplice of Deafy. He had large eyes and a prominent birthmark on the left side of his face. He also went by the nickname "Buck".

Acting under orders from Deafy, Johnny Naem proposed to Junior Tracy that Junior should operate a bicycle parking lot on a piece of land that Deafy owned. When Junior discovered that Deafy and Johnny were responsible for a string of bicycle thefts, they ran him over with a truck.

Johnny, Deafy, and their associate Dinny later hid at Johnny's mother's house until they were found and arrested. According to a later Rogues' Gallery feature, Johnny received a sentence of ten years.

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