John Lavir

First Appearance:

August 27th, 1939

Known Relatives:

Lola Lavir, Sister (deceased)

Known Associates:


Appearance of Death:

September 20th, 1939

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 6

John Lavir ("rival" spelt backwards) was the brother of Lola Lavir. He was a slender man with light hair and a thin moustache.

John arrived at the Nuremoh family home after Edward Nuremoh and Lola's deaths. He attempted to kill Tess by ramming his car into hers. Tess, confused and estranged from Dick Tracy, was enchanted by John and decided against pressing charges.

Tess went along with John and invested in his business of stealing dogs and reselling them. She soon began to feel guilty and started to return the dogs behind his back. He found out and tried to get his dog with steel fangs to attack her. It turned on him and ripped out his throat. Tess was held briefly on murder charges but was eventually released.