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Joe Period's Mother

First Appearance:

June 14th, 1956

Known Relatives:

Joe Period, Son
Unnamed Husband (Deceased)

Created By:

Chester Gould

Appearance of Death:

June 19th, 1956

Can Be Found:

Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

The unnamed mother of Joe Period came to visit her son in jail after he was arrested on 3 counts of murder. Her face was never shown.

Joe's mother arrived and explained that she knew she had been an unfit mother to her son. She begged Joe to forgive her, but he refused. Distraught, she left the jail and went out to the street, where she threw herself into the path of an oncoming truck. The vehicle struck her and she died. Joe seemed unaffected by this.


  • The incident with Joe Period's mother is one of the more blatantly heavy-handed instances of social commentary that Chester Gould inserted into the strip. It is consistent with some of the prevailing opinions about the causes of juvenile deliquency that existed at the time.

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