Jake Staxx

First Appearance:

May 17th, 1987

Appearance of Death:

May 19th, 1987

Created By:

Max Allan Collins &
Dick Locher

Jake Staxx was the owner of a chain of record stores, and a victim of Flipside's fraud scheme.

Targeted by FlipsideEdit

Flipside had coerced Staxx into buying lots of records sight-unseen, claiming that they were back-catalog albums by popluar recording artists. When Staxx received the records, he discovered that they were unpopular records by failed or unknown artists.

Staxx threatened legal action against Flipside, who sent his agents the Stereo Brothers to kill Staxx. The Stereo Brothers activated their "Black Sound" device, which induced a fatal heart attack in Staxx. This attracted the attention of the police and Dick Tracy.

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