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J.C. Nitials
J.C. Nitials (center), with Little Face (left)

First Appearance:

July 18th, 1941

Known Associates:

Little Face

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can Be Found:

The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 7

J.C. Nitials (a partial anagram for "Initials") was a member of Little Face Finny's gang. He was involved with a jewel heist that went awry, resulting in the getaway vehicle (a city bus) being crashed with the stolen gems still inside.

When J.C. and Mussel went to the damaged bus to recover the gems, they discovered that newspaper columnist Joe Ballivan had already found them. The two criminals attempted to coerce Ballivan into revealing where he had hidden the jewels by holding his head under the rushing water from an opened fire hydrant. J.C. and Mussel fled the scene when Dick Tracy and the police arrived.

J.C. and Mussel then visited the injured bus driver, Micky Stanley, in the hospital, disguised as his aunts. They pushed the attending nurse out of the room and shot Micky, fleeing out the window.

J.C. had used his monogrammed handkerchief as a mask during the hold-up, and a witness had noticed this. Ballivan placed a item about the handkerchief in his next day's column, and this caught Little Face's attention. He had some of his other henchmen hold J.C.'s arms as he lit the monogrammed handkerchief on fire while it was still in J.C.'s breast pocket.

J.C. struggled and cried out until Little Face doused the flame with a pitcher of water. Little Face then had J.C. taken to the hospital. The entire incident was witnessed by a pair cleaners outside Little Face's high-rise window, who reported what they had seen to the police.


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